Saturday, 30 July 2011

African Soul

Much of African design is handmade: you feel the maker's passion and journey in their work. The pieces transcend products that are mass produced and identical.  Handcrafted African baskets, bowls, rugs, vessels, textiles and stools can bring soul to even the most sterile interiors.

In Southern Africa, there is a wonderful mix of cultural influences. The result is products that are individual, distinctive and charismatic. The aesthetic is defined by vivid colour, the warmth of community spirit and a deep respect for nature.

A few pieces that are in store now and will be arriving over the next week…

Zambia Tonga Baskets
With the largest nearly 1m dia they are
perfect as a wall feature.

Unique to Peponi Home, handmade wool felt cushion
covers, throws and more
Makenge Baskets
Vintage pieces that were originally
used to store maze and flour.
A decorative piece that would look stunning above a
mantelpiece or to fill a wall.

Our ever popular Swazi Fish, carved from the wood
of a Jacaranda Tree.

Sisal Lamp with Recycled Glass Shade
These amazing lamps have a reclaimed sisal wood base
with hand blown glass and chain shade.

Vanilla Beaded Doughnut chair
These amazing chairs are made in Kwa-zulu natal on
the coast of South Africa.
Each chair takes 3 months to make. The beads are local seeds, cowrie shells and recycled glass beads, handstitched onto a thick upholstery fabric wrapped around a handmade wooden frame with nylon infill.

Plaster mould of a semi-habituated elephant

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